Invitation Suites

The Invitation Suite…

… is the perfect opportunity to introduce your friends and family to the theme and the feel of your Big Day!

Because my own big day is so “theme oriented,” I wanted to create something amazingly beautiful and personal. Our theme is an Alice in Wonderland High Tea, and I wanted to make sure that the theme was prevalent in every design and piece that I created. With careful attention, I was able to ensure that the subtle details connected each piece, telling the story of our wedding.

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The primary invitation suite.

The Suite on Delivery

The timeline, map, directions, and RSVP.

Enclosure with Inserts.

The Bits and Pieces that went into this amazing Suite!

The Envelopes.

The Outer Envelope Front, Back, & Liner.

The Return Address Detailing

An engraving from the Lewis Carroll book, "Through the Looking Glass."

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