choosing great photos

Selecting Photos that work well for our scrap-books:

Quantity – Give us as many options as possible to work with. We prefer that you send us a minimum of four to five pictures per subject, per page to choose from. We won’t always use every picture, rather, we’ll choose the most aesthetically pleasing of the group.

Zoom zoom zoom – No we aren’t plugging Mazda, LOL. Always try to snap photos that have been zoomed in on the specific subject as much as possible. Fill the frame as much as possible, that way you won’t end up with a picture showing one tiny person and a bunch of background (i.e. grass, sand, crowds of people).

Shoot from different angles – Sometimes people have a tendency to take pictures in the exact same way every time. Posing babies and children can also be difficult, so try taking pictures from several angles… you might be surprised.

Black & White or Sepia – editing a photo onto black & white or sepia can be beautiful on the right page, but it can also become redundant. If uploading your photos digitally, we recommend sending us the color version, with a request for one of these styles. We will sample the photos in numerous styles before selecting the perfect one.

Take vertical photos – All people tend to photograph better vertically, whether zoomed in or taken from afar.

Take horizontal photos – Horizontal photography is best reserved for photographing large groups of people, scenery, and the occasional candid shot (i.e. your child picking up a flower in afield of flowers).

Panorama – Don’t be afraid to use the panorama setting on your camera when photographing landscapes and scenery.

Editing – If your pictures are stored digitally, we are happy to edit and print out all the pictures for your book. If you would prefer to edit your pictures on your own, we encourage you to always re-save your pictures at the maximum possible resolution.