one-of-a-kind card creations

The cover of a "Good Luck" card.

Have you ever received a card that was simply too beautiful to throw away? Well, if you’ve ever received one of our cards then you have.

Each and every  card is unique and crafted by hand. We incorporate a multitude of luxurious materials including: satin/flocked/silk/embossed/laser/foil papers, ribbons, velvet, silk or dried flowers, 3-dimensional personally designed die cuts, and SO much more. The creation of each card can take from 45 minutes to 2 hours.

Our cards are available in packages of 5 or 12, and they can be purchased in specific genres or packs of multiple styles. Pricing varies according to the average level of adornment typical for a particular style. Styles include: Birthday (Adult & Child), Congratulations (Wedding, New Baby & General), Anniversary, Good Luck, Just Because, Miss You, and more!

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Five Card Creation Packages:

Birthday Card Celebration Package – Adult
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Birthday Card Celebration Package – Child
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Wedding Card Congrats Package
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New Baby Congrats Package – Unisex
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General Congrats Package
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Twelve Card Creation Package:

For Every Occasion Random Selection Multi-Pack
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